Louis Lafrance 
It was in 1999 that Mr. Louis Lafrance began the celebration of rites of passage which, at that time, was limited to marriages. 

In 2004, funeral parlors solicited Mr. Lafrance to respond to an increasingly widespread need for the rite of passage of death. 

Based on his experiences in classical philosophy and metaphysics, Mr. Lafrance has developed an approach that supports families bereaved by personalized ceremonies that meet the needs of families and funeral homes. His approach has spread to Quebec City, Lévis and the surrounding area.

Families in search of funerals other than religious, have found support to meet their needs and the image of their deceased. Over the years and with the changing demand, Mr Lafrance has set up a team of celebrants who can meet the expectations of bereaved families and funeral homes.

In 2016, with partners, Mr. Lafrance was involved in the creation of the Louis Lafrance Memorial Group in order to meet the growing needs of celebrants supervised, not only in Québec City and surrounding areas, but throughout Quebec.