Louis Lafrance
For the respect of your values
Do you want to become a "célébrant laïc agréé" ?

Are you interested in giving mourning persons a unique and meaningful experience that will contribute towards the acceptance of the loved one’s passage into the great beyond? 
Do you feel comfortable in a funeral environment and in receiving and acknowledging others’ sorrow after the loss of a loved one? 
Are you a gifted listener and a careful person, do you want to use advisedly your ability to support those afflicted by grief in order to personalize in a unique way the tribute to the deceased? 
Can you introduce yourself, read and speak easily in public? 
Are you available on weekends, mostly, and able to adapt and answer quick requests made within a short notice (a few days)? 
Can you drive around easily within your region, either for meetings or to pay a tribute at a funeral center? 
If you answered yes to all of the above questions, the role as a funeral celebrant is undoubtedly right for you. 
Please contact me or the person responsible in your region and we will talk about it. 
A complete, personal and ongoing training will be offered and the material will be provided. 
A wealth of opportunities for personal growth and development is open to you as a funeral celebrant for the person in sorrow. What a great satisfaction to be able to offer a personalized, meaningful and quality ceremony to all those who are mourning and who need you so much and who are expecting consolation, words of comfort from you, silences and shared feelings! What is more satisfying than offering a comforting and consoling ceremony for all of those whom you have learned to know!

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