Louis Lafrance
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Célébrant laïc agréé (CLA)

This title is exclusive to the Groupe Louis Lafrance Mémorial (GLLM). It is associated with very high quality rules. To be a « célébrant laïc agréé », each celebrant were selected according to their personal qualities. They also received a basic 16-hour training and must complete their knowledge for a minimum of 50 hours per year. They get the CLA designation after a successful written and practical exam.

These celebrants also have access to a documentary database to update their knowledge and share it.

Code of ethics

The « célébrant laïc agréé » are required to adhere to a code of ethics to protect the families, funeral centers, profession and reputation of the deceased.

The GLLM carries out regular audits of the « célébrant laïc agréé ». These audits are designed to assess the level of quality required to be CLA.


A complaint management process is available to allow families and funeral homes to express their dissatisfaction with a celebrant. The main purpose of this process is to promote the continuous improvement of the CLA celebrations.